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Stronger Communities : Better Services

is a portfolio of projects funded by Big Lottery Wales through its Community Voice programme, and managed by the Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS).   Its aim is to build stronger communities which are better able to contribute to the design of the services they need.  People are becoming more involved in making decisions that affect their future, by working together to identify their needs and engaging effectively with service providers.  The projects are engaging people who are hardest to reach, the most vulnerable and those most in need of support in the co-production of services that will improve their lives and benefit their communities.

The projects are:

  • Clywed – managed by PLANED, who are building on their experience in developing and using participatory tools and engagement techniques for community-led planning in communities, to engage local people in debate about their area in order to identify local priorities, develop local solutions and influence local decision makers;
  • Community Ages Togethernow run by Yr Hen Ysgol, Dinas Cross. This project is encouraging, supporting and facilitating intergenerational working, bringing together a network of older volunteers and the grass roots networks of young people that exist in the area.  Perceptions are being challenged and skills shared;
  • A Homelessness and Young People Participation Project managed by Pembrokeshire Care Society incorporating PATH.  This seeks to engage with and empower young people who are currently using or have used the homelessness services and related support services to look at service improvements and design;
  • Planning Together which is run by Pembrokeshire Access Group and is based on the premise that disabled people themselves are best placed to advise on the design of inclusive services that promote independent living and wellbeing. The project is enabling citizens throughout Pembrokeshire to make a meaningful and effective contribution to the social care commissioning process;
  • The BIG Idea – managed by Pembrokeshire People First, which has established drop-in sessions for adults with learning difficulties in Johnston.  This is a warm and welcoming ‘hub’ for those adults with learning disabilities who do not engage in any way at all with statutory  bodies, voluntary groups or the wider community;
  • The Carers’ Voice – run by Crossroads Care Mid & West Wales, which is ensuring that the voices of unpaid carers are heard when services and facilities are being planned and developed in Pembrokeshire, by identifying hidden carers, supporting Carers’ Community Champions and holding Carers’ Conversations;
  • AGORA – which is being run by Small World Theatre to create forum- and legislative – theatre events as an innovative way of giving many of these groups a voice on the issues which concern them;
  • Moving Storiesdevised by spacetocreate community arts, which is engaging people of all ages and with diverse health and social care needs, creating platforms for their stories to be told in ways that can be used to shape the planning and delivery of services in Pembrokeshire;
  • All of these are being supported by Curious Ostrich, who are producing participatory video evaluation as a unique and powerful way for groups and individuals to express themselves directly to professional bodies and the wider community.

Carer & man in wheelchair

If you would like to know more about any of these projects and how they could help you, or if you have any comments to make, please use the contact form below


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