Community Ages Together

Age Cymru Pembrokeshire CMYK UC


Community Ages Together is part of a wider portfolio within Pembrokeshire funded through the Big Lottery Community Voice programme.  My role at Age Cymru Pembrokeshire is to develop intergenerational working by bringing together older volunteers and grass root networks of young people that exist within Youth Forums, Young Farmers, Youth Groups etc.  Mapping the current position is key to bring together both young and older people to explore any perceptions they may have and dispel the myths.  Skill sharing such as storytelling, computer skills, cooking, budgeting, social media etc will bring the two generations together in a positive way.  Time banking will be incorporated into the project to recognise and reward those taking part.

 Once we have developed and engaged with those taking part we will offer training sessions such as research skills, facilitation, safeguarding as well as managing risk which will indeed develop and prepare individuals to engage within the community.

 Over the next four years, community engagement will be developed by pairing young and older people conducting sessions and interviews together and leading community discussions.  Their findings will be fed into forums such as 50+ Forum, Youth Assembly as appropriate for the relevant partnership to consider and/or action.

 During previous consultation within Adult and Youth services it was evident that 50+ and youth consultation networks and forums are developing and working in parallel to each other with no coming together and sharing of common issues and themes.  The two perspectives will be brought together to strengthen, support and develop existing networks to enhance and widen their roles which will influence policy and decisions about services within their communities.

 The main benefits will achieve the following:

 v  Policy makers and commissioners will have an informed network from which they will actively seek views

v  Communities will have input into the design of services and the capacity/access to do so

v  People’s skills will be recognised by the wider community enhancing confidences and self esteem

v  Stronger bonds within communities will be forged

v  Wider involvement of community not usually reached or engaged addressing issues of isolation.

 We will be working closely with Theatr Forum, Space to Create and Curious Ostrich who will be involved in facilitating, filming and media. 


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