Moving Stories

Moving stories is collaboration between spacetocreate a community arts organisation specialising in participatory visual arts and curious ostrich – a community educational and documentary video company. The project sets out to engage people of all ages and with diverse health and social care needs, creating platforms for their stories to be told in ways that can be used to shape the planning and delivery of services in Pembrokeshire.

Over the first four years of the project (2013-17), guided by the priorities identified by the Local Services Board (LSB) and working in partnership  with third sector health and social care organisations, we will develop and showcase a portfolio of creative media projects including:

  • sound recordings,
  • photographs
  • digital stories,
  • documentary films
  • animation

Each of the four years will focus on telling the stories of different priority groups. Whilst each story will be individual and unique, through a careful and considered selection process, the stories will have the potential of illustrating wider realities that are shared by many others. In most cases the stories will be those of individuals, although there will also be potential to work with groups of people to tell a story about their collective lives.

Each story will work as a stand-alone project and could be used in a variety of ways:

  • As a reminder for service planners of the reality of the lives of people that they are planning for
  • To promote discussion within community forums
  • As a tool for people acting as advocates on behalf of vulnerable groups
  • To inform the wider community of the diverse needs within it

Groups of stories will also be collected together for distributing and showcasing in a variety of ways both in the real world and through on-line social, planning and other networks.

The broad groups of people that we are planning to work with over the first four years are:

  • Older people
  • Younger people
  • People living with Neurological conditions
  • People living with disabilities

The projects are being documented on the moving stories website here


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